SOL Day 30- A Letter to My Student Teacher

slice-of-life_individualDear Megan,

I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for you.  Not only were you an amazing intern during the fall, but you picked up seamlessly in January.  You were just about to take over more responsibility and planning when the world went sideways.

I’m so sorry you aren’t in the classroom with our kiddos.  That you are at home wondering what your future looks like.  I’m sorry you won’t get to experience taking the class on a field trip or down to the stream in the school’s backyard.  I’m sorry you won’t get to run the day from start to finish and deal with all the little quirks and questions that come from our sweet and silly second graders.

This is not how you imagined your student teaching.  It’s not how I imagined my 16th year of teaching either!  This should be the time when you are applying for jobs and going on interviews.  This should be the time when you’re planning an epic graduation celebration because you earned it!  Instead, you’re at home, I’m at home, and we can only see our students in little tiny boxes like we’re in the opening credits of The Brady Bunch (I sincerely hope that reference is not lost on you….).

Through all of this nonsense, however, you continue to impress me.  You’re right there planning lessons with the team.  In on every zoom call and ‘training’ meeting.  You’re showing complete professionalism and I’m amazed- mainly because I want to curl in a ball and cry every day and you seem so together.

This whole crazy experience is giving you more skills- maybe not the ones you wanted, but think about all you can talk about in an interview-  and you WILL get interviews, because you are amazing and are going to be a wonderful teacher.  In fact, you already are one.

I would not be getting through this without you.  I can’t thank you enough, and I’m so very blessed to have you in my life.

With Gratitude,


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