SOL Day 29- Blast from the Past

slice-of-life_individualOne of my resolutions for 2020 was to clean out one drawer or cabinet per week.  That’s really picked up a lot since I’ve been home for so long and will do just about anything to avoid writing my dissertation.

Anyway- today I found the funniest thing stuck under a coaster that was stuck at the bottom of a drawer:


It made me think about what it would be like if this pandemic quarantine had occurred years ago.  Now, if you are privileged enough, you have Netflix and YouTube and whatever else exists on the World Wide Web at your fingertips to amuse you in times of boredom.

Years ago, would people have stormed Blockbuster to rent videos? Would you have panic-rented something that wasn’t that great just to have something to watch?  Would you have grabbed a VHS copy of When Harry Met Sally (or is that just me?) and held it close to your chest so no one else could take it? Would people hoard romantic comedies or action thrillers the way they are hoarding toilet paper?Would Blockbuster have waived the late fees so that you could have the videos for as long as this lasts?

One thing is for sure- there’s no way I would have rented Outbreak.  But I definitely would be kind and rewind.

4 thoughts on “SOL Day 29- Blast from the Past

  1. My husband and I talked about this the other day. What would have it been like if this happened 20 plus years ago? I don’t know but am thankful that we have the technology now to keep us busy.


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