SOL Day 28- Man in a Tree

slice-of-life_individualOne positive thing to come out of the increased time at home is that I am taking a lot more walks throughout the day.  My town, like many others I’m sure are in a “shelter in place” situation where only *essential* workers are supposed to be leaving home.

Yesterday I took the dog for a walk.  And we saw several landscape trucks on one of our neighborhood streets.  It made me wonder if landscapers are considered essential workers and if not….why were they mulching and tree trimming?


This guy was taking social distancing to a whole new level by being high up in a tree.  Now the tree was not touching any wires or anything, so I’m not sure if the branch trimming was purely cosmetic or not.  I don’t know.  There could have been a very good reason for this that I’m not aware of.  And I know that businesses are hurting and everything and that they need support. And I know the government is a hot mess and we’re basically at the whim of a madman right now.

But.  This isn’t going to go away unless people take  directions seriously.  And stay home.  Stay inside. And maybe your mulch can wait?


3 thoughts on “SOL Day 28- Man in a Tree

  1. I totally agree. I guess eventually lawns will need to be mowed, but unless the tree is threatening to fall on your house, leave it alone! This whole experience is putting many things into perspective.


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