SOL Day 27- Working From Home

slice-of-life_individualWorking from home is more work than working from work.  This week I’ve had more meetings, learned more new technology, and have been more stressed than ever before in my teaching career.

Today by the numbers:

57 text messages between my grade level team and myself

1 incredibly long zoom meeting in which I tried to walk my 70 year-old grade level partner through using Nearpod.

4 Nearpod lessons created (over a span of about 6 hours)

2 Seesaw activities created and scheduled

25 emails

1 panic attack when I realized we were adding links incorrectly into a shared document that is going out to parents.

2 walks with the dog

12309843501923098234 deep breaths

1 meltdown crying in the shower

8 oreos consumed in one sitting

2 videos made for my kiddos for next week.

And now….It’s not quite 4:00pm here….but it’s definitely 5:00 somewhere if you get my drift!

2 thoughts on “SOL Day 27- Working From Home

  1. You deserve the beverage of your choice!
    I’m glad you have Murphy around since taking him on walks sounds like a much-needed sanity saver.
    I hope you take the weekend to recharge. Sounds like you need it.


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