SOL Day 26- A Quarantine Mystery

slice-of-life_individualI’ve been sheltering in place at my mom’s house because that way neither of us has to be alone.  Yesterday something mysterious happened, that now Nancy Drew (me) and Agatha Christie (my mom) have to try and solve.

I spent the entire morning on Zoom meetings for school, trying to figure out how online learning really works (spoiler alert: I still don’t quite know).  During our lunch break I turned on the news to see what the latest updates were.

Then the TV turned itself off.  I looked down to see if I bumped the remote.  The remote was on the table.

Then the TV turned itself back on.  And off. And on again.  With no one touching the remote at all.

We tried a number of different solutions-  different outlets, cables, cords, switching the TV with another one in the house.  Same thing.  On and off of its own accord.

We called the cable company so they could talk us through some kind of troubleshooting.  Nothing worked.

My mom called a friend who is an electrician.  He made some suggestions and we tried those.  Nothing worked.

Because we are in quarantine, no repair people are coming into the house, and of course this is not a tragedy, we still have food and power and toilet paper.  All the essentials.

But the mystery continues.  No rhyme or reason.  My knowledge of electricity taps out at 4th grade circuits.  It makes no sense, except….perhaps the universe is trying to keep us occupied?

5 thoughts on “SOL Day 26- A Quarantine Mystery

  1. Mysterious, indeed! I’m sure you clever detectives have checked all the connections. I like your theory that it is adding an interest layer to TV right now.


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