SOL Day 25- Staying Connected While Far Apart

slice-of-life_individualIt’s funny how we are isolated from so many, and yet I’m finding more connections than I have under ‘normal’ circumstances.  To be clear, I’ve had enough zoom meetings/trainings in the last week to last a lifetime….but I’ve also had fun meetings with friends.

Being home all day, every day, means that I’m more present on text chains.  Usually during a school day I miss out on a lot because I don’t check my phone very often.  The same goes for catching up on various social media activity (and this is both a good and bad thing…)

Last week I had a virtual dinner date with some friends who live in other states.  So we are always distant geographically, but we never took advantage of this idea before.  We each had our dinner and our computers and chatted while we ate.  It was nice to be in a Zoom without an agenda other than catching up.

There’s more Face Time and virtual happy hours and watch parties online than I even knew existed.  While I live alone and one would think that this is a lonely time, I feel very connected to my friends both near and far.

I hope that when this all goes away (and Please LORD let it go away soon) that I remember to have virtual dinners with friends who live far away….that I make more time to check in and see how people are doing.  That I send more cards in the mail. That I look at the good things about technology and digital communications, and use them to stay connected.


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