SOL Day 24- Zoom Room

slice-of-life_individual The creators of Zoom must be raking in the money right now.  Pretty much the entire planet is connecting using this format. I have used this technology for my graduate classes for the last three years, and my district just fully embraced it for lots of staff meetings.  I even had virtual dinner with some friends last week.

But today…was the best zoom.  Today I zoomed with my second grade students.  We had our usual morning meeting, but virtually.

First, I set up the meeting and my assistant teacher, Murphy, got all dressed up in his business casual attire- bow tie and his St. Patty’s Day collar.  I…was in my pajamas.  He doesn’t have tenure yet, so he’s still trying to make a good impression.


Then we connected to those little faces and mass chaos ensued.  It was amazing.


There was a lot of excited screaming and of course, excited sharing of various pets.  We shared about what we’ve been up to, how much we missed each other, and I made it through the entire meeting without crying.

I hate that this is what the world is like right now, but I’m so thankful that I can “see” my students and talk to them in real time and just smile, smile, smile.

7 thoughts on “SOL Day 24- Zoom Room

  1. I did this with my second graders yesterday. I also met many pets and heard MANY screams of delight. Technology can be a blessing and a curse- but right now, I am viewing it as a godsend for this exact reason. My heart needed to see my little friends. 🙂

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  2. I love this post; it gives me hope for my own teachers next week. My favorite line was about Murphy’s lack of tenure, and the implication that yours is why you get to show up in pajamas. Such great personality in P.J.’s right?


  3. I wish Murphy could make an appearance in my daily Zoom call with my Kindergarteners. They’d LOVE him. Ours are still chaotic a week in but, they get better the more organized we are. I think we’ll be doing this for a while, sadly.


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