SOL Day 23- Oddly Silent

slice-of-life_individual Today I had the chance to go to my classroom and get any materials  might need to deliver online instruction.  I didn’t know what to grab….so I got brought home a lot of books.  While I was there my room was so oddly silent (even though I was with my student teacher and grade level partners and we had to talk loudly because we were all 6 feet apart).


No backpacks spilling out of cubbies

No paper footballs flying through the air

No chapter books clutched in tiny hands

No signs of life seen anywhere.

The classroom oddly silent

No pencils scribbling ‘cross the page

No giggling, noisy chatter

No high fives or hugs in this quarantine age

We’re lucky to be healthy

To have homes; to be okay.

But that doesn’t mean I miss them less

I miss them more each passing day.

I long to read, to play, to write

To gather in one place.

I even long to yell “Stop talking!”

If it means I’d see each face.

We’ll meet online in Flips and Zooms

We’ll do our distance learning

But I await the day we can go back

For our normal routine I’m yearning.

6 thoughts on “SOL Day 23- Oddly Silent

  1. What a beautiful, albeit quiet classroom. We just found out today that our schools will be closed for the rest of the year. Nobody knows how to handle these unprecedented times. This line says it all “I even long to yell “Stop talking!”
    If it means I’d see each face.”

    Wishing you well as you navigate remote teaching.

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  2. I would have been able to go into my classroom for some things tomorrow, but I would have needed to be on “the” list. I missed the deadline to be on “the” list. I love your poem, and because I know we both teach 2nd grade, I feel it deeply.


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