SOL Day 22- March of the Penguins

slice-of-life_individualThe increased amount of time at home has also increased my use of social media.  That’s not necessarily the healthiest choice, so I’m trying to keep it under control.  But one amazing thing that’s come from my hours of screen time….the discovery of my new best friend, Wellington.

If you are not following the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, you need to be.  They are shut down, because who isn’t at this point, and they’re letting the penguins and other animals at the aquarium out to play.  And videotaping it.  And I am here for it!

They are @Shedd_Aquarium on Twitter and just search Shedd Aquarium on Facebook.  The website is

First they posted a video of two penguin mates- Annie and Edward- just wandering through the aquarium on a casual date night.  Then they showed us Wellington.  I feel like Wellington is a real-life Captain Cook from Mr. Popper’s Penguins.  He’s looking at the tanks filled with beautiful fish and all he sees is a delicious dinner.  He flaps and squawks and looks at the aquarium staff like he can’t quite believe that they aren’t letting him have at that tank.  He apparently is 32 years old and has lived double the life expectancy of a Rockhopper penguin. So he’s a penguin rockstar.

This is not Wellington, just a cute Rockhopper penguin so you can imagine someone like this guy strolling around, taking in the scenery.

Image result for rockhopper penguin

I didn’t know that videos of penguins touring the aquarium was something I needed in my life, but I can tell you that it’s brought so much joy to these monotonous, uncertain days. Do yourself a favor and check out the Shedd Aquarium videos.


*And since I live nowhere near Chicago, I do believe that as soon as I’m allowed out of my house again, I’m taking a field trip to see my penguin pals!

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