SOL Day 21- World Poetry Day

slice-of-life_individualIt’s World Poetry Day, so today’s slice is in the form of a poem.  All week I’ve been taking full advantage of authors who are so generously giving their time through videos, webinars, and Facebook Live sessions.  This poem was inspired by Ralph Fletcher’s “Writing with Ralph” which he hosted via Facebook on Wednesday and Friday this week.

Sometimes I remember the good old days

when there were only a few channels and no Internet

So no constant barrage of scary news coverage to make us panic

We played outside all day long, running from house to house

All over the neighborhood.

The streetlights glowing to life our only timepiece.

Not worried about dirt-streaked faces and skinned knees….definitely not concerned about washing the hands that dug up worms and braided strands of grass.

We weren’t practicing social distance

We were daring Red Rover to send someone else over.

We were running relay races, not running to be the first one to get all the toilet paper in the store.

We were too busy to be afraid

we were just playing

building forts

climbing trees

riding bikes

We had nothing to fear because life was good. We were good.

I still can’t imagine anything better than that.

4 thoughts on “SOL Day 21- World Poetry Day

  1. When I was a fourth grade classroom teacher in the early 2000’s, I assigned playing outside as homework. One of my students came in one morning and told me he couldn’t do his homework, because his mom didn’t allow him to go outside. Apparently she was afraid it wasn’t safe. That blew my mind! My mom always sent us outside to play.I miss those simpler times too!


  2. Whenever my mom was tired of us “getting on her nerves”, she would tell us to “go play in traffic”. It was her funny way of telling us to go outside. When we go into trouble, punishment was “no going outside”. To a kid, that was like death. But today,…
    Thank you for sharing this poem.


  3. Love this – such an easy way of life! The metaphor of the streetlight being a timepiece is perfect. Yes, life was good even then…I go back even farther in time! Hmm….I might have to see what I can remember from my childhood.


  4. I love this so much, Jen. I just friend requested Ralph so I don’t miss out on this again. My husband and I have been reminiscing about the good old days when, after breakfast, we’d say goodbye to our parents and then just disappear until supper time. Not the life my current students know by any stretch of the imagination!


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