SOL Day 20- The Power of Chalk

slice-of-life_individualI usually slice in the morning.  I usually have an idea.  Today I didn’t want to get out of bed or move or do anything except cry and eat flavor-blasted goldfish crackers. It was raining outside and inside.

My mood picked up a little bit when I watched videos that my students posted on Flipgrid.  Man do I miss those little buggers.

The sun finally game out and I dragged myself up and forced myself to talk a walk.  It’s 75 degrees out right now.  I pulled up a podcast and started walking.  This is what I saw.


I kept walking.  More pictures.

The kids in my neighborhood had chalked the sidewalks to brighten up everyone’s day.


That was definitely the rainbow I needed to cheer up my rainy day.

4 thoughts on “SOL Day 20- The Power of Chalk

  1. What a great idea those kids had! Boosts can come from anywhere. Do I dare take the Granddaughters chalk out and draw a picture on the road? I can’t right now it is raining again.


  2. I too am having trouble coming up with ideas, I think because all my brainpower is being used to worry, stress, and still get my work done! I love this adorable idea, what a great way to put some smiles on the neighbors’ faces!


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