SOL Day 19- Guest Post from the Dog

slice-of-life_individualToday’s slice is brought to by my dog, Murphy.  He is not sure what’s up with this abundance of “humans being home” that’s happening, but he’s definitely here for it.  One positive is that he is getting a lot more frequent and longer walks as a result of this.  He’s quite a poet, and this is a variation of a poem he wrote once before.

Here is Murphy’s guest post:


I know it is time to go

When the human puts down the mug

that holds the stuff that makes her eyes stay open in the morning

When she’s done typing on that rectangle and watching the news and heaving a heavy sigh and shaking her head and wiping a tear.

Then it is my time!  To cheer her up and to get all the attention!

I run to the woods to sniff and snort and snarffle.

Reading the newspaper of smells written on each leave and tree and telephone pole.

The news is good- lots of dogs have stopped by these very leaves.  With their humans who  are also home all the time.

None of know why the humans don’t go to work anymore, but we think it is because we are being such good boys and girls.

I just still don’t understand why though…

The human insists on picking up the calling card I leave

After I spent so much time carefully selecting just the right spot to leave it.


5 thoughts on “SOL Day 19- Guest Post from the Dog

  1. Love it! I love the humor, and I enjoyed many of the words you chose. (My favorite: “…to sniff and snort and snarffle.”) I think you captured a dog’s point of view quite nicely! 🙂 ~JudyK


  2. Love this! I am sure many dogs, mine included, have been having similar thoughts. I am so thankful for these walks they take us on.


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