SOL Day 18- Rainbow Walks

slice-of-life_individualOne thing that I do appreciate about the time off is that I can take multiple walks throughout the day.  My dog appreciates this as well.  I used to do a poetry activity with my students where we’d take a rainbow walk around the school campus.

We’d look for something that was every color of the rainbow- flowers, leaves, birds, etc.- and take a picture with the school iPads.  In the old days before we had iPads, we sketched what we saw on paper.  Then we’d write a color poem inspired by what we saw.  The mentor texts we used were Color Me a Rhyme by Jane Yolen and If You Want to Find Golden by Eileen Spinelli.

Yesterday I decided to take a rainbow walk around my neighborhood.  I found so many things.  This is that transitional period when winter and spring are arm wrestling and spring is winning.


On my walk I saw red berries, orange daffodils, yellow forsythia, green grasses, blue hyacinth, and purple crocuses.  It was surprisingly easy.  I sent this activity to my students via Seesaw and encouraged them to take a rainbow walk around their neighborhoods.  I invite you to do the same.

It’s encouraging to find beauty in the midst of horror and chaos.

3 thoughts on “SOL Day 18- Rainbow Walks

  1. What a great idea and that you can share with your students too. We do need to see beauty in the midst of hard times. I like the picture of spring arm wrestling with winter and winning. And your photos!


  2. OOooh, I love this. Things are still pretty grey here in Maine, but I know if I look hard I can probably find my rainbow! Your pictures give me hope that spring is on its way!. Thanks for brightening my day, Jen!


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