SOL Day 17- Not Normal….Yet.

slice-of-life_individualI was finally able to work out everything between my doctor, CVS, and the insurance company and get my prescription filled today.   I’m incredibly lucky that this issue was resolved in under a week, I know many people might be facing similar problems without such a quick fix.

As I pulled up to the drive-through window, I put on plastic gloves so I would avoid contact with the pharmacist.  She was also wearing gloves.  The clipboard and pen used to sign for the prescription were covered in plastic.  The entire transaction was completed without any human contact.

I appreciate the precautions we both took.  But I couldn’t help but wonder how long this will continue.  At some point will this become habit- wearing plastic gloves to avoid touching?  Will this be so normal that I won’t even think twice about it?  These are such uncertain times we are living in…and the uncertainty of “normal” is most troubling of all.


5 thoughts on “SOL Day 17- Not Normal….Yet.

  1. You are absolutely right! The other day I was entering home and thought that in the near future, a robotic voice was going to welcome me while a laser will scan my body to make sure I am not bringing any viruses into the house, then I will receive a spray of disinfectant, after which the robotic voice will let me pass and say “you are clear now, welcome home.” I guess you gave me an idea, for a slice, hahaha. In the meantime I am thinking, where all the recycling and no plastic procedures will go? Maybe all the catastrophic prophesies are already here. Breath,keep calm and wash your hands 🙂 Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I can’t pinch you due to social distancing but we hope the world gets lucky.


  2. That uncertainty is what is so troubling. Will we go back to our previous normal and just carry on, or will we mourn those days that were so hastily pulled from us? There is so much to consider!


  3. Oh, the photo of your hands on the steering wheel while wearing the gloves sent chills up and down my spine. This is all so weird. I spent the whole day planting pansies, putting cushions back on the patio furniture, filling bird feeders, playing with the Corgis. No writing today. Just couldn’t do it up until now, and I dragged myself to the computer.


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