SOL Day 16- Art Imitating Life

slice-of-life_individualYesterday I opened a bag of pens to write in my notebook.  I’m participating in #100DaysofNotebooking with Michelle Haseltine (  If you regularly use a notebook, you are probably particular about your pens. I know I am!  I had a color scheme in mind for my page and everything.

As I selected a pen I noticed that there was a lot of orange ink on the barrel. Which was odd because it wasn’t an orange pen.  Then I pulled out another pen and saw the same thing.  I peaked in the bag and it appeared that an orange pen was leaking ink and infecting the rest of the pens in the bag. The problem was that there was more than one orange pen in the bag.  I didn’t know which one was leaking.

In an extreme case of life imitating art, I had to enforce social distancing with the orange pens so I could identify patient zero before any more pens were infected.



Fortunately, after a modest quarantine I was able to determine which pen was causing the leak and stop the spread.  I cleaned all of the impacted pens with a paper towel (because Clorox wipes are a precious commodity right now) and I think we are okay.

While I do not want to make light of a serious situation, I couldn’t help but find a little humor in this case of art imitating life.  Humor is something we need to help us get through this.

2 thoughts on “SOL Day 16- Art Imitating Life

  1. I actually love your analogy, and so wish we could easily end this virus. Enjoy your writing here, and in your now notebook, with your healthy pens.


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