SOL Day 14: An Alternative Medicine?

slice-of-life_individualIndependent of this bad 90s action film we find ourselves living in right now, I’m on medication for anxiety and depression.  I have been on this medicine for years.  Because life. Because my serotonin doesn’t like to regulate itself.

In an ironic “it’s the end of the world as we know it” kind of way, I needed to refill my prescription. Not just because it was recommended by the news media, but because the bottle is low.  Periodically my doctor wants me to come in for a wellness check before she will authorize the refill.  I called to see if the practice would waive this requirement as I don’t really want to go to the doctor’s office as a physically healthy person right now.  Did I mention the meds are for anxiety?

The office agreed to call in a 30 day refill and we made an appointment for April, hoping that the planet will not be on lock-down anymore by then.

Later, I got a text from CVS:  “we are contacting your doctor for an alternative to [the medicine]”  Um, what? What does that mean?  Does that mean you are out of my medication and you’re looking for something similar?  That seems irresponsible.  The reason there are different anti-anxiety and anti-depressants are because people react differently to them.  Several friends have tried what I take and didn’t like the way it made them feel.  You can’t just look for an alternative!

Of course calling CVS and trying to find a live human to talk to involves a labyrinth of menus.  All I could get out of the robot voice was that they  were “still working” on filling the prescription and would text when it was ready.  I still haven’t gotten a text.

So today’s mission, in addition to planning for two weeks of online learning for second graders, is to go to CVS and find out where my pills are.  This is NOT a time when you want your anxiety running wild.

10 thoughts on “SOL Day 14: An Alternative Medicine?

  1. I am so sorry that you have to navigate this additional obstacle, just to maintain a protocol that keeps you on even ground. I get anxiety and I get pharmaceutical red tape…this is not a time for those two to be at odds.
    Good luck


  2. One more unexpected result of the pandemic, maybe? Obviously not well-timed! Hope your next post is about getting the refill you need!


  3. Hoping for a positive end to your story. Reminds me of a situation I have going on with medicine, insurance, what is covered/not covered. I find peace in knowing I’m not alone in this battle.


  4. Oh good gravy! I’ve been down that road before-trying to talk to a human being can be mind-numbing. Sending you some good vibes on this one and hope it gets resolved soon!


  5. Do I ever know about that “labyrinth of menus” and the robot voice … how do you feel about donning a contraband mask and going to your CVS and letting them know it’s high priority? Call your doctor back for help … I had to find a 24-hour CVS once, for my husband who had to have a particular med. What another unneeded complication… yet you wrote about it with wonderful, wry humor and strength. I hope by the time you read this that you already have your Rx. Ongoing strength to you.


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