SOL- Day 13: Drive-By Conference

slice-of-life_individualIn the midst of the worldwide pandemic, my district is currently having parent-teacher conferences.  Parents were given the option of having a phone conference if they were concerned about coming in to the building. Even before all this craziness, several parents had not signed up for a conference, despite reminders, resent links, newsletters, etc.

One of my responsibilities as the head teacher in my building is to have carline duty- I put students who are being picked up by a parent or guardian in their cars at dismissal time. I have a student in my class this year who is picked up every day.  Her dad is one who didn’t sign up for a conference.

Today was a half-day dismissal for students.  As she hopped in the car the following exchange occurred:

Parent:  She (the student) is good, right?

Me: She’s amazing!

Parent: So we’re all good, right?

Me: Yup. We’re good.

Parent:  *give thumbs up, drives away*

If only all conferences were so easy!

5 thoughts on “SOL- Day 13: Drive-By Conference

  1. Oh, my, yes…all conferences, when students are performing just fine, should be this easy. I’m glad you can check this one off!


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