SOL Day 11- Twice or Thrice, a Hair Elastic Conundrum

slice-of-life_individualI have very long hair, perhaps if you do as well you can relate to this issue- how many times can a hair elastic be wrapped?  Twice? Thrice?

When it’s brand new, two good wraps can contain all of my hair without feeling like my hair is being pulled or making my scalp hurt.  After a while the elastic starts to stretch out and twice is not enough.  It starts to feel loose.   But not so loose that it can be wrapped thrice.  That’s when you feel like your hair is being pulled out of your scalp strand by strand.

Let’s look at Exhibit A:


The elastic on the top has been around a while.  It is too loose for twice and for  thrice.   This one can only be used to secure a bun on top of my head because it wraps around that comfortably.

The middle elastic is on its way to being too loose.  It is holding strong at being wrapped thrice for ponytails,  braids, etc.

The bottom elastic is newer.  It is just right for a low ponytail and a braid made up of half of my hair.

I feel like Goldilocks and the Three Hairs (Elastic).  It’s either too loose, too tight, or just right.  Does anyone else have these hair elastic issues, or it is just me?

6 thoughts on “SOL Day 11- Twice or Thrice, a Hair Elastic Conundrum

  1. The photo had me nodding as those small elastics have frustrated me because they can only be wrapped one and a half times! Either too loose or too tight – who made these ridiculous things? Is it the same designer who decided that girls pants should have fake pockets or half-pockets at best?
    Thank you for showing me the range of topics that we can slice about, and allowing me a bit of a morning rant. I guess I need more coffee 🙂

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  2. Oh my goodness- RELATABLE! I have found myself really drawn to the “phone cord” scrunchies (that are essentially coiled plastic). I find they keep all my hair held in better than the cloth / elastic ones. When I go back to the elastics, though, I’m always in this exact conundrum… do I deal with a tension headache and no flyaway strands, or do I deal with my hair falling out in my face all day??

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  3. Love the “Goldilocks and the Three Hairs” – great title! I understand about the wraps – I tend to use berets and various hair clips and headbands. Love the labeling of the photo – Exhibit A. Great slice of life, Jen!


  4. I have so, so been there. When my daughter lived at home, I had the additional struggle of her appropriating all the good ones and leaving poor momma the dud rejects. When we visited Hawaii, I discovered Swirly-do hair ties. (They look like old fashioned phone cords.). I will never go back. Those things are amazing! I love, love, love them. (Amazon. Off brand ones at beauty stores aren’t as good.). This Goldilocks (Graylocks?😉) relates!


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