SOL Day 6- Christmas Lights

slice-of-life_individualTonight I was driving home from teaching a grad class and I decided to stop and check on my mom.

As I drove, I noticed several houses along the way that still had lights on their bushes and trees.  Christmas lights?  I wasn’t sure because they were stands of white lights, which looked very pretty, but to me they looked like Christmas lights.

It’s March.  Now I’m guilty of leaving my tree up for far too long into January, but that’s more out of sheer laziness and the fact that no one can see if from the outside. Plus it’s pretty.  These lights felt very holiday to me.  And seriously, it’s March!

I don’t want to appear too judgmental, because I have no idea if these houses just enjoy a nice light display with no holiday attachment.  I’m just saying it felt holiday-ish to me.  And I’m also just saying that March feels just a tad too late to still have a holiday display up.  It’s not like the lights were green for St. Patrick’s Day.

So finally I pull down my mom’s street and as I approach her driveway….and this is what greeted me:


Now here, I feel confident judging because I know for a fact that these are from Christmas because I helped to put them up.  My judgement was misplaced, because it should have been directed toward my own family.

I just need to know….when do you consider holiday lights to be past their prime?


3 thoughts on “SOL Day 6- Christmas Lights

  1. I’m quick to take down the lights and pack it all away. But I notice more people leaving lights up year round. I wonder what their reasoning is about it. My mom was very religious and said,”Christmas is really every day of the year.” I am cleaning up my parents things and the first thing I did was go through with a box and pick up every knick knack and decoration that is Christmas in my mind. I know these have been on display for years.


  2. I take mine down the first warm day after Christmas. However, then my house looks quite drab in the weeks following. Maybe they leave them up to brighten up the dull winter? I couldn’t help but smile when I came upon the photo you included in your post. Were you expecting to see those lights?


  3. So here’s the deal. I leave might white, twinkly fairy lights up on my open farmer’s porch railing from the weekend after Thanksgiving until our February vacation. They are on a timer and I love that they light my way during that stretch when I leave in the dark and come home in the dark. Now colored lights, that’s a different story. Those, I think should come down after January 6. Just sayin’ cuz you asked.


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