SOL Day 5- Coffee Talk

slice-of-life_individualThis post was inspired by Paula Bourque’s slice about coffee (  Thanks, Paula!

When I was growing up my grandparents lived with us.  My grandfather passed away when I was 8 and at the start of my third grade school year, my grandmother was in charge of getting me to school.  My parents both worked and my brother was older so he left earlier than I did. I could have taken the bus, but I think my mom wanted my grandmother to have a reason to get up and moving in the morning- she was pretty lost without my grandfather.

Every morning she would make coffee and watch Good Morning America.  When I was dressed I would come downstairs to join her.  She would pour me coffee in a little espresso cup (that was basically a shot glass with a handle) and we’d sit and watch Charlie Gibson and Joan Lunden deliver the news.  We’d drink our coffee and chat and then she’d drive me to school.

So, my coffee drinking habit started in the third grade.  Now, I don’t think that I really drank that much, and there was definitely a lot of half and half poured in….but my mother swears this is why I stopped growing by 5th grade (I hit 5’3 and haven’t grown any taller since 1992).

This is where my coffee addiction began.  It has been a ritual for me to drink my coffee and watch the news ever since those days with my Nana.  Currently I leave for work around 7:30, so I make sure to watch Action News and at least the first 5 minutes of GMA to get the headlines. It’s a ritual I cherish and one I’m thankful I had the opportunity to create.

6 thoughts on “SOL Day 5- Coffee Talk

  1. I’ve never done memories as SOL until this year; however, I am SO enjoying reading these memories – mini memoirs. I never really drank coffee until I was working on my dissertation and getting up at 4 to make time to write! I was MUCH older! Now, I have a can live without but love a good cup mentality!


  2. I’m all chocked up after reading your slice. I can just imagine the two of you sitting there enjoying your morning coffee and watching GMA. How wonderful that you still partake in five minutes of it every morning as a way to remember her.

    (Btw: I stopped growing just before sixth grade started. I’ve been 5’2” ever since!)


  3. Your second paragraph is full of such warm, specific imagery – I love everything about this slice! Sometimes we remember little rituals even more powerfully than we remember bigger events.


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