SOL Day 1: Confronting an Enemy

slice-of-life_individualThis month I am participating in the Slice of Life Challenge from Two Writing Teachers (  Each slice is a moment or memory from my life. Enjoy!



I had been putting it off forever.  Way past the point of discomfort.  No one likes confrontation, right?  But finally…

I confronted a foe head on.  And I emerged victorious!  After months of frustration, physical abuse, and angry altercations, I decided that enough was enough!  I was tired of being hurt. I was tired of letting my enemy be in control.

I simply could not put up with this any more.  I knew it wouldn’t be easy.  And it wasn’t.

There were tears.  There were swear words.

But in the end…

The cabinet that houses the Tupperware is organized and all the lids match.

I have won.

There is no “before” picture, due to the fact that every time I opened the door I was pelted by plastic.


4 thoughts on “SOL Day 1: Confronting an Enemy

  1. Bwahahahaaa! You really know how to hook a reader, Jen. This is great, and also a bit disturbing because now I feel like I need to face THAT cupboard myself. Maybe I’ll just try to be fearless like YOU!


  2. Yay! You are so brave. It might be summer before I confront that enemy…
    I love your use of short sentences. It’s very effective in this post.


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