Opening Day

This week was Opening Day for a new MLB season.  A spike in temperatures also made me declare today, March 30, as Opening Day for sandal season.  Or, toe-pening day if you wish.

My feet have enjoyed the off season, hibernating in cozy socks and boots.  Now though, my toes want to come out and enjoy the sunshine.  They are ready to slip into sandals, flip-flops, and any other footwear that one could consider “open-toed”.

The problem is that they haven’t seen the light of day all winter.  So they need a little TLC.  Much like fans don their team shirts and flock to the stadium (or secretly live-stream the game at work), today is all about celebrating my feet with a luxurious pedicure.

I make a modest income and I have a mortgage and grad school tuition, so spa pedicures are not a luxury I engage in often.  Opening Day is an exception.  It is a full-service, treat myself, kind of day.  I can almost feel my blood pressure lower when I slip my toes into the warm, bubbly water.  My shoulders come down from my ears when the pedicurist massages my calves with hot stones….even though I’ve never once gotten a pedicure where the person did not make a comment about the paleness of my skin.  There is something so restorative about sitting in a comfy chair, reading a book, periodically peeking down to assess the progress- my toes radiating my favorite OPI colors:  “Not Really a Waitress” red and “Strawberry Margarita” pink.   (Side note: I would LOVE to have the job of thinking up nail polish colors.  It seems so fun).

Many people spend days like today in the garden, or sunning themselves out on the porch.  But today, the first really spring-like day of the season is my version of Opening Day.  Enjoy!

One thought on “Opening Day

  1. OH MY GOODNESS. I love this post. I have had a few mani/pedis in my life but the scheduling and time spent drying is hard to find – not to mention the money! Recently, my 3 year old granddaughter asked me why I had a speck of red at the top of my toes….and last night, I finally got rid of the red and mad my toes look like opening day. A winter spent in boots and shoes is a gift for the feet but opening day is another kind of gift: coming out from under the winter covers!


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