Compliments Flying By

When you’re a kid, there’s something magical about learning to fold a paper airplane and making it fly.

When you’re a teacher, there’s something magical about watching a kid learn to fold a paper airplane and make it fly.

Until they all do it, all the time, and the paper supply is dwindling because they wont. stop. making. paper. airplanes.

Today I was losing patience with this practice.  Then an airplane landed on the floor by my back table.  The launcher of the airplane ran to grab it and just as I was about to lose my cool, she said, “Here, I made this for you.”


You are the best techer I have ever had you let us make the activities fun You make it all fun

And this made all the difference.  Paper airplanes will be flying around the room from now on with one stipulation- you must write a compliment to someone on them first.  Compliments flying by!

5 thoughts on “Compliments Flying By

  1. Thanks for sharing the best paper airplane account… and from a teacher’s refreshing perspective after it’s all been too much, played out! Funny how kids can catch us off guard and get right into our Achilles’.


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