Scottish Potter

I am a huge Harry Potter fan.  I’ve read the entire series about 12 times, possibly more.  A few slices ago I wrote about visiting Scotland and seeing St. Andrews.  I felt such a pull to Scotland I probably could have made my entire month of slices about things I did and saw (even though I was only there for a week).

Today, it’s all about Edinburgh.  This city is a major source of inspiration for a lot of HP things.  I needed to see them all.  Starting with a visit to The Elephant House Café the day I arrived.  This is the café where JK Rowling allegedly wrote the first book.  It is hailed as “the birthplace of Harry Potter” and when you go into the bathroom, the walls are covered in thank you notes and HP quotes.


It’s amazing to see the impact and the line is out the door every single day.  It truly is a magical (pun intended) place!

You can also walk Victoria Street, the inspiration for Diagon Alley, complete with a joke shop.  There are plaques everywhere announcing how each place serves as a model for a location in the books. There is also the Museum of Context store which is supposedly what Olivander’s is modeled after.  It is really amazing.

But by far, the most exciting thing…and HP fans might agree….THERE IS REALLY A TROLLEY THAT IS PUSHED AROUND ON THE TRAINS!  When we took the train to St. Andrew’s, there was a employee, who happened to be a woman, who pushed a drink and food cart through the car.  I was not permitted by my friends to ask her to ask is if we wanted “anything from the trolley dears”, the way the witch does on the Hogwarts Express, but you can be sure I was thinking it!!

img_0238 This is it!  The cart!  On the Hogwarts Express (or so I pretended).

It was so special to be in such a magical (pun intended) place and realizing that I could definitely understand how JK was so inspired.

3 thoughts on “Scottish Potter

  1. I would read every word about your trip! I am a HUGE Potter fan as well, and Scotland is definitely on my list of places I must travel! Also…I probably still would have asked her to say it 🙂


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