National Puppy Day

I’m fairly certain that these National ___________ Days were made up by Facebook, but I will take any excuse to post cute pictures of my pup.

In honor of National Puppy Day, I thought back to my little goofball Murphy and how I think my life would be so different were he not in it.  He has been such a little love since the day we brought him home… a snow storm…in November.

My mom and I drove together to Kentucky to pick up this sweet little bundle of spots.  It was the weekend before Thanksgiving, and as we drove through West Virginia, we got a major flat tire.

So flat was said tire that we had to call the state police and a tow truck to assist in getting us somewhere to change it- because I-78 in WV is not where you want to have a flat.  It’s an incredibly busy highway.

We arrived safely, new tire and all and picked up the boy.  As we drove back, again through West Virginia, there happened to be a freak snow squall.  Poor Murphy had just been taken from his mom and littermates and now these cruel strangers were making him pee in the snow.  He was only 8 weeks old at the time.

Harrowing journey aside, I’m eternally grateful for the joy he brings me today and every single day.  Life, in my opinion, is better with a dog. img_0795


5 thoughts on “National Puppy Day

  1. You have a Dalmatian! That is seriously my favourite dog and I want to have one sometime before I die (and I’m heading in that direction!) He looks gorgeous (what a poser!), I have had several dogs over the years and I agree life is better with dogs (and cats). We have a nothing dog now called Molly. I might slice about her one day. And I agree with you National ______ Day is just a ridiculous notion. I also love your phrase ‘sweet little bundle of spots’!


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