Inherited Bucket List

My father was a golf fan.  He always wanted to go to St. Andrew’s and play the course there.  It was one of those bucket list items that he always talked about.  While he made it overseas to Ireland twice, he never got to Scotland to play before he died.

In a weird twist of fate, a friend of mine recently moved to Scotland for a graduate program.  Her boyfriend, who is Scottish, and she live in Aberdeen.  I had not left the country since the lovely Ireland trip I sliced about earlier, so I decided that over the holidays when I had a break from work and grad school, I would go to visit.  I was due for a great vacation- the last time I went to Europe I brought traveler’s checks and rolls of film.

We planned to spend the week in Edinburgh, where lots of holiday happenings were taking place, including a big celebration for Hogmanay (New Years).  I knew nothing about the geography of Scotland, but when planning our itinerary, I asked if St. Andrew’s was anywhere near Edinburgh.

As it turns out, it is a relatively quick train trip away. And on Sundays, the old course is open to the public to walk along.  So a plan formed.

I took a prayer card from my dad’s funeral and brought it to Scotland to bury on the course.  I’m not entirely sure this is legal, so please don’t report me to the Scottish authorities….

I chose the 3rd hole because my dad was born on February 3. It overlooks both the new course and the clubhouse/hotel, so he can see all the goings-on.  Also because I started crying like a baby the moment we got to the course and this was about as far as I could make it.

This was a dream come true moment for me, because it meant so much to my dad.  I desperately wish he could have been there with me, but I am so beyond grateful that I even had a chance to do this for him.

7 thoughts on “Inherited Bucket List

  1. What a wonderful way to honor your father! Thank you for the photos. The marker from the 3rd hole looks a little like a grave marker, so it seems doubly appropriate.


  2. What a sweet and emotional slice.
    I have to say, I laughed out loud when you mention that detail of the film and travelers checks you packed last time to Europe 😇


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