What’s for Breakfast?

I’m going to try and make this slice less of a band-aid with this small moment story about my breakfast this morning. Wish me luck!

The morning began with me deciding that I was tired of eggs (even though they are 0 WW points, even if you have two or three!). I made some turkey bacon (1 point PER slice…a rare treat) and sat down to drink some coffee and watch the local news. Suddenly, I was confronted by this face.


Light from the window filtered through to sparkle and shine when reflected in the icicle-esque strings of drool that hung precariously from Murphy’s mouth.  The soulful brown eyes bore holes into my heart and the look of haughty derision melted it completely.  How could I not share my precious turkey bacon with this poor sweet boy? The look seemed to say, “Share with me. I’m your precious little pup. Didn’t you make this breakfast for me?”  Forget the fact that he’d already had his own breakfast.  Forget the fact that this breakfast was supposed to be a treat for me!

Murphy stared, unblinkingly,  and the drool dripped dangerously close to the pants I was planning to wear to work.  I paused, slice of bacon halfway to my mouth.  A single puff of air snorted from Murphy’s chocolatey brown nose.

This morning I had strands of drool with a side of righteous indignation for breakfast. Murphy had my turkey bacon.

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