My Teenage Heart is Broken

I had a completely different idea in mind for today’s slice.

And then Luke Perry died.

A colleague came into my room this afternoon and asked if I’d heard.  I hadn’t….because I was teaching. When my kids went to music class, a quick Internet search had me in tears.

Luke Perry, aka Dylan McKay, was my first serious imaginary boyfriend.  I believe this meme (or is this a gif?) sums it up nicely:



When I was younger, I loved Luke Perry.  That greaser-style hair, the scar above his eyebrow, the broody look- that is the stuff teen hunks are made of.   It is entirely possible that I used to cut out pictures of him from teen magazines and put them in a photo album.  And by “entirely possible” I mean I definitely did it and here is proof:






In the 90s we called this art.

Not only did I feel like a little piece of my teenage heart broke into pieces, but I also was so sad that he died from a massive stroke.  My dad suffered several strokes as a result of complications from his brain cancer, and I know how terrible it is to see a loved on in that condition.

There are so many things that are difficult about being an adult, and it is comforting to recall childhood memories and watch old reruns of simpler times….although 90210 served up plenty of drama and gave me completely unrealistic expectations of what high school would be like, it was a way to escape from life for a while. I’ll never be able to watch the show again without thinking about dear Luke Perry and wondering if his fiancé and children are okay and how the rest of the cast is feeling about his death.

Rest in peaceful slumber, sweet Luke.  You were the best imaginary boyfriend a teenage girl could ask for.






9 thoughts on “My Teenage Heart is Broken

  1. I remember years ago watching the In Memoriam portion of the Oscars and thinking that I would get to the age when stars I “knew” would be featured. Hearing about Luke Perry today was like that. I like how you included your scrapbook. My 90210 trading cards are in the basement. Maybe I should drag them out tonight. Thanks for switching your slice idea and writing this tribute.


    1. I had a whole part about that idea- that I’m not at the age when “my” celebs are dying from adult causes… it I deleted it. But yes! Get out the trading cards!!


  2. “You were the best imaginary boyfriend a teenage girl could ask for.” He really was! You nailed it with the scar and the brooding. Everything one could want in a bad boy. Nice tribute. I’m sure there are many of us with the same thoughts.


  3. Even though Luke wasn’t my guy, you captured so beautifully the feelings of the lost childhood, the sense that we’re all getting older, and how shocking it all is when we’re reminded in such tragic ways. Your last line really demonstrates how truly the characters of TV can penetrate our lives and how deeply we mourn their loss.


  4. My co-worker was a bit upset about things out of her control at work when she happened to find out about his death. She just looked up at me and declared, “now my day is officially ruined.”


  5. My colleague attacked me with her phone after lunch today. She couldn’t believe it, and neither could I. I said, “Are you sure? I think they reported that twice last year.”
    Unfortunately, it is true, and we were all sad about it. Thanks for your thoughts. They put together the words I’m feeling tonight.


  6. Oh gosh, this is it exactly! and yes, realizing that we’re approaching the age when our idols are dying (and not from ODs or those kind of reckless young people tragedies) is really humbling.


  7. I had not heard this news until I saw your post. It’s seems to me that as long as our icons are still living they remain ageless when we visit them via reruns. When they die we’re reminded of our own mortality.


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